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The Alex rider I knew Alex Rider finds out his parents are alive. Protection- Alex Rider fanfic by Nobody. 51.7K 1K 20. Following events that involved K-unit protecting him, a bunch of 17 years old at BB, and a mission involving a certain assassin. YOU ARE READING. Protection- Alex Rider fanfic Fanfiction. Following events that involved K-unit protecting him, a bunch of 17 years old at BB, and a mission involving a certain assassin, Alex found himself in front of a man he had never thought he would ever see again. If you love reading the book types of story's and/or Alex Rider this is we're you can find awesome story's about characters reading about the one and only Alex Rider. There are NO crossovers. Please fav and/or follow and at least view. No M rated stories. Staff accepted, though I.

Alex shook his head before he dived at Wolf, again. 'Why can't Alex do it?' asked one of the sluts in Alex's year, Shanice Owens. 'Agent Rider's reasons for staying here are none of your business,' growled Wolf. 'Its okay, Wolf,' said Alex making everyone jump when he walked up to them, 'I normally could run the course in about ten minutes.'. Alex Rider and associated characters and situations are created and owned by Anthony Horowitz, various publishers including but not limited to Walker Books, Puffin Books, Entertainment Film Distributors UK, and MGM/The Weinstein Company USA. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Alex Rider finally got out of MI6 at the age of 18. Knowing he would never be able to hold a civilian job, Alex, with the help of Joe Byrne of the CIA, gets himself a position at the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. When his past starts to catch up to him, how will Alex react? Yassen Gregorovich/Alex Rider; Summary. Alex was sitting at the table, trying to get his maths homework done when his phone buzzed. Expectantly he took it and read the text. As soon as he saw the last letter his heart started beating hard and fast. Characters Writing Fanfiction; Age Difference; Summary. Written for the prompt: "Alex has written a PWP and Yassen feels the need to demonstrate to him how he's written the sex all wrong". Summer 2012, and Alex Rider is working as a volunteer steward at the British Olympics when he realises one of the spectators may not be all he seems. this is just a place where i put all the stories i see that have Alex and k-unit together. some will have all of k-unit with Alex and others might only have one person from k-nit with Alex. but i rarely put any stories where kids go to beacons and meet k-unit, and i tend to stay.

Agent Rider, an alex rider fanfic FanFiction.

11/02/2016 · Follow the heartwrenching story of a boy and.I guess his previous-enemy-now-turned-dad as the two of them - oh, OH GOD YASSEN, YASSEN NOOOOOO! Read it your. Older! Alex Rider x Reader Smut Alex Rider X Reader Smut Alex sits alone in his house. He wears a pair of baggy blue jeans and a green hoodie with some letters on it. A file is held in his hand with. Tags Fanfiction Romance Alex Rider Jack Starbright Bloodllama Alex Rider. The class was sitting at their desks, listening to Molly read out her 'My Family' work. Brian, the class bully, continuously yawned and pulled faces. Finally, when she had finished, Mr. Davies looked round the room, choosing someone to read out their work. 06/03/2009 · Alex Rider Fic Help 2 A forum to ask other writers and fans of the series for advice on how to make your Alex Rider fanfic better. Whether it be fact checking, characterization, etc., you can get honest advice here. Kudos for sounding like a crappy commercial English - Topics: 4 - Since: 05-30-11 - Alex" I left the note on the kitchen table and walked out of the door got on my bicycle and I was off. It took only 20 minutes to arrive to the school, I parked my bike to the ramp with the other bikes, I.

Alex Rider and Percy Jackson Crossover Alex Rider, 15 year old british spy, had the luck of the devil they say, but it was just an expression. They weren't too far off. Maybe there was something unearthly about Alex's luck. Maybe Alex Rider had more family then he thought. And Alex Rider def. Alex Rider crossover fanfiction archive. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Alex Rider universe. Sabina Pleasure is a fifteen year old girl who becomes Alex Rider's close friend when they meet at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in the novel Skeleton Key. She is described as having dark hair, bright blue eyes and freckles. Alex is working as a ball boy whilst Sabina is working as a ball. Abdul-Aziz al-Razim, referred to simply as Razim, is the main antagonist in Scorpia Rising, the ninth Alex Rider novel. Razim is a terrorist who claims that he has no.

Alex Rider is the main character of the popular Alex Rider series of novels by British author Anthony Horowitz. He is also the main character of several short stories by Horowitz that are considered canon in the series. Alex is a young agent for MI6, the British international intelligence. "So most of my head canon involving Yassen and Alex tends to end with them running off into the sunset together to live happily in the Greek islands. Except then I got to wondering how that would end up, so here they are, tn years on, Alex in his late twenties, Yassen in the late forties, having basically turned into an old married couple. Ben Daniels is a young MI6 operative, previously training with the SAS under the codename "Fox." He first appeared in Stormbreaker though had a more important role in the seventh Alex Rider novel, Snakehead. In Stormbreaker Ben had only a minor role, appearing as part of the group Alex Rider.

Discover Alex Rider - the number one bestselling series by Anthony Horowitz. Fourteen-year-old Alex Rider is forcibly recruited by MI6 into the deadly world of espionage and sent on mission after dangerous mission. The ever popular Alex Rider book series has action, adrenaline and adventure at every turn. Alex Rider fics. Alex Rider fics aka the only thing onwith like yanno plot and characterization. Seriously though you don’t even know. I recommend you read them even if you’ve never read Alex Rider - brief summary: Teenage spy being blackmailed to work for the government. Obviously, this post is dedicated to the Alex Rider fandom. I love the book series, even though I didn't quite read the last book - more like skimmed it - due to the lack of time and I was at the bookstore on a time crunch. Even so, this is one of my favorites and I'm still currently compiling.

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